LNG SHIP-SHORE COMPATIBILITY – Primary and Non-Primary Terminals


Trading patterns in LNG shipping are changing, with shorter term freight contracts and vessels trading to new ports. Ship-shore compatibility has become a major issue as many carriers are being rejected or temporarily refused access to terminals. Much of this is due to lack of accurate information being made available. This has caused a tremendous increase in Ship shore compatibility work load for ship owners/managers.

To decrease this work load and ensure that same quality of risk assessment and due diligence is maintained we are proposing ship shore compatibility study services.

Our experienced and highly qualified team which includes Master Mariners, Chief Engineers and quality consultants shall carry out the ship shore compatibility study on behalf of the ship owner/ manager and provide the necessary documents at a highly competitive fee. By outsourcing the task of ship shore compatibility to us your Operations team can concentrate more on the day to day operations of the vessels and formulation of future strategies.

What do we offer?

1. Preparation of confirmation list
2. Complete Mooring Study
3. Berthing Energy calculations
4. Any additional requirement of the terminals

What do we charge?

Our charges are very competitive with respect to the rates in the industry. Our fees is charged per 8 hr day. There are no hidden charges or fees. In case you can provide vessel file for mooring program the price is further reduced by 5%.

We maintain a huge database of LNG terminals and incase the vessel is calling one of the terminal which already exist in our data base we offer a further 5% discount.

Special prices are available for term contract and for bigger fleet of vessels.