NMVOC Management Plan

A Specialist Service for Tanker Owners


By July 1, 2010, all tankers carrying crude oil will be required to implement and maintain on board an approved ship-specific NMVOC (Non Methane Volatile Organic Compounds) Management Plan, in accordance with Regulation 15.6 of the revised MARPOL Annex VI. The VOC Management plan is required in order to obtain a MARPOL International Air Pollution Prevention (IAPP) certificate.


NMVOC emissions are air pollutants which need to be controlled. NMVOCs from crude oil transports are a mixture of light-end components in crude oil, which can be emitted from oil and oil products during production, processing, loading, transport, unloading and storage. The lightest component, mainly methane, contributes to the greenhouse effect, while the heavier components, mainly propane and butane, contribute to the formation of ground-level ozone.
The purpose of the NMVOC Management Plan is to ensure that tankers prevent or minimize NMVOC emissions, as far as is possible.


We at Wade Maritime Consultants Pvt. Ltd. can help you prepare a comprehensive NMVOC Management Plan as per MARPOL and class requirements for approval by the flag state or classification society. We can also assist you in final approval from flag state or class by liaising with them, getting their recommendations, reviewing the plans and submitting the plans for approval.


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