Course Summary


In today's tough market conditions with all sectors of the shipping industry going through a very rough phase, making the right business decisions has become even more imperative to protect the bottom line. However, to make these decisions, a very good understanding of both technical and commercial aspects of the shipping market is essential. This advanced course on tanker operations gives you an in-depth understanding of the advanced tanker operations including;


•  The Tanker Industry and its Market Structure

•  Overview of the Legal and Regulatory Requirements to operate tankers

•  Detailed understanding of Oil Tanker Cargo Operations – Loading, Discharge Ops & Ship Stability

•  Knowledge of Oil Tanker Specialist Operations like COW, IG System & Ballast Water Management

•  Tanker & Terminal Safety and Pollution Prevention measures

•  In depth perspective on Oil Major Vetting – a risk management tool

•  Understand the Tanker Commercial Market Practice – Chartering, Charterparties & their Key Clauses

•  Learn Voyage Estimating and the concept of World Scale with a practical workshop

•  Gain detailed insight in to Tanker Commercial Risk Management – Voyage Economics, Coverage Strategy & Performance Analysis

•  Practical Workshops on Voyage Estimating, WS, Voyage Economics and Coverage Strategies



The knowledge gained through the experience of our expert panel of speakers will help you to gain a better and in-depth understanding of the oil tanker industry and its operations. This course will provide you with tools to help avoid costly disputes and reduce associated costs in these times of difficult market situation.  The course is spread over 3 days or 18 hrs of teaching time and uses various presentation methods and techniques like case studies, interesting and challenging exercises/workshops, open discussions, videos and Q & A sessions.