LNG World - Strategic, Commercial & Legal Essentials Of LNG

Course Summary

The global trade in LNG is expanding annually by 6.7 %. With almost the same energy density of Gasoline and Diesel but having relatively less pollution impact,LNG is the fuel of choice for the future. This brings in immense opportunity in the LNG Chain. But to avail these opportunities a good understanding of the basic fundamentals of this very specialized industry is essential.

Wade Maritime is proud to present this specialist LNG course that not only helps you understand the fundamentals of the LNG Value Chain but also gain an in depth knowledge on the working of the natural gas and LNG markets. The courses hall provide you first hand information on the fundamentals of the industry and equip you with the knowledge essential to be successful in the
LNG market.

It shall take you across each component of the LNG process chain starting from exploration, production, processing of natural gas to liquefaction, transportation, regassification and delivery to the end-user. Practical exercises and case studies provide hands-on experience in dealing with
operational, commercial and contractual issues.

Course Contents


Introduction to LNG

Understand the fundamentals of LNG & its value chain


LNG Technology – Basics

Learn about the Production and Processes, technology used


LNG Facilities – Ports & Terminals


Liquefaction and Regassification & Storage


LNG Shipping

Vessel Types and Design, Equipment, Operations & Costs

Group exercise on LNG Shipping


LNG – Safety & Environmental Issues

Latest Rules and Regulations, Safety and Environmental concerns, LNG risks


LNG – Global Markets

Established and New Markets , LNG Contracts & Pricing mechanisms, S & P Agreements


The Future trends in LNG

Supply & Demand fundamentals, Major influencing factors, Market Outlook





Method of Delivery and Teaching Aids


The delivery of the course is covered in a number of ways:

Course notes
Each delegate receives a manual with all of the course notes and material presented on the course plus copies of supporting material.

These represent the core of the programme in which the course presenters address each of the above topics with the help of power point presentations and any other relevant visual aids.

Open discussions
Throughout the course, participants are encouraged to debate issues. The course presenters are able to speak from their own practical experiences when emphasizing particular points.
Questions and answers

Participants are encouraged to ask questions, either to seek clarification of certain points or to ask about particular issues relating LNG Value Chain.



Course Duration


This introductory course on LNG will be delivered over 12 hrs (2 Days)consisting of a total of seven 90-min training/lecture sessions.

Course Speakers

The course presenters have all of the practical expertise and experience to provide this comprehensive course delivery. On successful completion of the course, which requires full attendance, participants receive a certificate of attendance to record their achievement.

Who Should Attend

The course is aimed at those who require a clearer picture of the LNG industry’s growing significance in the world energy matrix and who need a complete picture of the LNG chain and how it will impact the global energy markets in the near future. In this respect, delegates new to the shipping & particularly LNG industry, switching in to LNG from related industries, working for investment banks and PE firms, lawyers, marine terminal managers, marine
superintendents, municipal corporation executives, power & fertilizer industry executives.

Course Venue and Fee     (non-residential)

Delhi, India
3-5th Aug 2011
Rs 29,500 + Tax

*We offer a 10% discount for groups of 3 or more from any one organization

*Please note course fee does not include travel or hotel accommodation costs

*Early Bird Offer – 5% discount for confirmed registration by 1st June 2011

*Offers cannot be combined