Course Title :
Loading Master Course
Timing & Venues:

2 day training programme

Organised By:
Wade Maritime Consultants and associates

The training program will help the loading master to coordinate all activities linked to the loading, discharge or transhipment of your products. He will learn to manage operations to optimize berth time and to complete operations in a timely and efficient manner. Loading Master once trained will be the key link between the vessel, terminal operators and third-party surveyors, providing unique expert knowledge on vessel operations from a marine point of view, and an understanding of associated shore operations. He will learn to handle all the documentary needs and keeps parties directly informed on the progress of operations.


After Attending this course participants will be expected to have sufficient ans adequate knowledge about: tankers and cargo (Chemicals, handling), dangers, precaution and the rules of the reverent national and international levels, to be applied in carrying out its work, in order to prevent losses because of mistakes in handling cargo, including accident, including pollution, claim/protest because of an error calculating the charges.

Those who would be interested:
Loading Master, Mooring Master, Dispatch Personnel, and anyone who want to take benefits from this course.

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