Conducting regular System Reviews and Analyses will help the organization focus on specific areas that need improvement, thus helping the organization come up with an annual plan that focuses on allocating resources to the right processes and procedures. It will also help in providing facts that will help you create systems that will increase profitability, efficiency, customer satisfaction, supplier participation and employee involvement, while at the same time lowering overall costs and liabilities.

All commercial vessels are also required to establish a Safety Management System (SMS) which encompasses all policies, practices and procedures that are to be followed in order to ensure safety and operational excellence. It is hence crucial to ensure that the SMS is regularly reviewed, updated and analysed for any gaps to ensure that your vessels comply with the mandatory safety rules and regulations, follow the codes, guidelines and standards recommended by the IMO, classification societies, and concerned maritime organizations.

Our team of qualified auditors and experts can help conduct a gap analysis of your SMS and recommend ways to close these identified gaps. These could include assisting with the revision of your company’s policies, procedures, practices and/or training for relevant staff both ashore and onboard your fleet of vessels.