• Short Term Outlook - Oil Tanker Market
    A monthly report covering the next four months and including trends in oil supply, demand and trade, tanker demand and supply, spot and time charter rates for MRs up to VLCCs, comparisons with FFAs plus the latest news on developments impacting the oil and tanker sectors. Contents Include:
    • Overview of the latest developments
    • Global Oil Supply and Demand
    • Trends in Tanker Trade, Supply and Demand
    • Bunker Fuel Market update
    • Oil Tanker Market Developments and Outlook
    • Comparison with FFAs

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    Medium Term Outlook - Oil Tanker Market
    Concise quarterly analyses of topical issues, consistent market data series and views on future trends in tanker charter rates. The report covers Oil Prices; Economic Developments; Oil Demand and Supply; Trade; Tanker Demand, Supply and Rates. Sent to clients around January, April, July and October each year.
    Contents Include:
    • Global Economic Outlook
    • World Oil Supply, Demand and Consumption
    • Analysis of Tanker Trade, Supply and Demand
    • Bunker Fuel Market update
    • Recent Developments and Outlook of Bunker Prices
    • Analysis and outlook for tanker freight rates

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