The various complexities of oil/chemical cargo measurement, sampling techniques, marine custody transfer procedures, cargo calculations etc. could result in cargo losses. If proper checks and balances are not kept at each stage of the cargo movement, any cargo losses and resultant claims would become difficult to resolve amicably, possibly leading to lengthy and costly litigation.

For suppliers & receivers to be assured that the cargo is properly accounted for in terms of accepted standards of quantity & quality, it is required to hire loss control professionals and expeditors who can ascertain the load/ discharge quantities, quality of cargo, check for cargo contamination and create a proper paper trail for every step. Expeditors accommodate themselves on board the vessel and witness all operations and oversee the conduct of safe mooring and unmooring operations of chartered vessels. At Wade Maritime, we have a team of experienced loss control professionals and expeditors who can help predict and take steps to prevent any losses and in the case of a loss, take steps to mitigate such losses.